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Our Mission Statement

Being positioned as the training institute of tomorrow, our success builds on the fact that we are passionate on what we are called to do - we find a need and meet it with the world's best practitioners on every subject matter. On every topic, we ensure that we have employed the world's best thought leader and also develop innovative thinking and ideas in the curriculum to ensure our clients are always ahead of the curve.

We believe that training is the key to impart the added element of leadership in every profession. As a business division The Pinnacle Group International (TPGI Pte Ltd), Pinnacle Training Group holds an international perspective and with our broad network, we employ the best practices and trainers to empower professionals to excel in the market place.

Superior & Advanced Topics

Given that each client is unique, we also provide customised in-house training in accordance to our client's desired objectives.


At Pinnacle Training Group, we are the accredited training provider with the Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC) of the Securities Commission of Malaysia.

Elite Trainers

Our trainers comprises of highly experienced and qualified experts. They are ready to inspire and impart knowledge from their huge reservoir of corporate experiences across international borders and industrial sectors.


In Pinnacle Training Group, we work towards becoming a corporate trendsetter that commit ourselves to innovation. Learning and training innovations are constantly developed to optimise training value.

Soaring to Greater Heights
The Pinnacle Training Group provides businesses with current & up-to-date courses.